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Savour the Flavour – The Cheesecake Factory

July 24, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory, Bellevue WA
Shrimp Franchese

Cajun Jambalaya Pasta
SkinnyLicious Spicy Chicken Salad
Yes, I’ve got a lot of posts (well, a fair few) to catch up to. But this plate of Shrimp Franchese was selected by Dad. White wine sauce (I think!) is always a good choice. Creamy, yet not too rich. The shrimp was tender which is what the best shrimp are like. The spaghetti was a little plain for my taste but nonetheless, the sauce made up for it. The parmesan on top helped too.
As for the Cajun Jambalaya Pasta, we previously tried this in Las Vegas. Mom liked it so much – so did I actually – that we had to order it again. It seemed like the best pasta option available as well. The one in Vegas was surprisingly delicious. The spice level just right, the shrimp extremely tender, and the pasta as well. The vegetables were tasty, and the whole dish had the full, thorough taste. This same dish but a few states north, however, was not as good. It was a great pasta, true, but the taste was not as full and evenly spread out. There was not enough sauce and seasoning, nor enough vegetables and shrimp to match the amount of pasta. Still visually appealing though, is it not?
Finally, we come to my SkinnyLicious Spicy Chicken Salad. It’s great that The Cheesecake Factory is progressing towards healthier options. This one salad was nicely spiced up. The chicken was indeed a bit bland, but again, all chicken breasts usually are. The beans were the best, I found. The corn and the rice were also nice complements. The veggies added a refreshing taste and a light feel to the dish which was good for the late lunch hour we were there. I regret not taking pictures of the two cheesecakes we ordered ‘to go’. One was 30th Anniversary chocolate and the other, I think, was Kahlua Coffee Creme. Both were delicious, and Mom and I enjoyed that back home. I have to say, though, this location was not as good as the one in Vegas. By chance perhaps, or just the fact that Bellevue is not as fancy as Vegas and the restaurants follow suite. Either way, it was at least less expensive to get there.
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A Taste of Sweet Italy – The Cheesecake Factory

June 21, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory, Las Vegas NV
Tiramisu Cheesecake
So I have decided to turn this blog into a food diary. Sounds delicious yes? Seeing friends’ posts of scrumptious platters on Facebook often makes my stomach growl. To save the rest from the same fate, instead of Facebook, I shall turn to my old Blogger. Well, here begins one tasty journey… with a slice of Tiramisu Cheesecake.
Mascarpone cheese in a cake sounds nice already. Add more cheese and it turns into a delicate slice of cheesecake. After sampling the Red Velvet and White Chocolate ones in Hawaii a few months earlier, this time, Mom and I decided to go to Italy. Why not? We had pasta for dinner so it was only fitting to end an Italian meal with Italian sweetness.
Sweetness it is. And creamy and smooth. I went light on the whip but the light hint coffee and cocoa, and cheese of course, was just about perfect.
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