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Overdue Christmas Hangout – 红屋-Red House

on March 16, 2012

March 9, 2012
红屋 – Red House, Richmond BC
港式奶茶 (HK Style Milk Tea)
香辣牛肉意粉 (Stewed Beef Spaghetti w/ Spicy Tomato Sauce)

My friend Chris and I were supposed to eat lunch during my winter vacation but due to last minute conflicts, I never met up with him. This time back home, I made sure I made up for that. He suggested we go to Red House, since he knew my standards.

I have to say, this place was pretty decent for a Hong Kong style cafe. It has a nice quiet atmosphere, hard to find on a Friday evening. It was a great place, I think, for Asian-style comfort food. I’m not a big fan of the plastic table covers but it was quiet and service was not bad. The tea that came was my first cup of tradition HK style milk tea. At least it was warm and I can sweeten it to my liking.

I was very pleased with the 香辣牛肉意粉. The beef was very tender, and the sauce was exactly what I was looking for. The nice Asian-style tomato sauce with a nice hint of spiciness was great. The vegetables were not overcooked but had flavour and the spaghetti was decent enough. Perhaps it could have been cooked a little less, but I just like it a bit more chewy. The sauce was definitely the highlight though. A bit more to cover all the noodles completely would have been nice but the flavour was really quite good.

Red House 紅屋 on Urbanspoon


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