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A Latte Remedy – Starbucks

on April 5, 2012


April 4, 2012
Starbucks, Philadelphia PA
Skinny Vanilla Latte

It was such a beautiful day that I went out to New Jersey for a riding lesson. Unfortunately, I ended up in the sand myself after being slightly ‘over-agressive’ heading towards the second jump in a line. It was either that or a runout again. However, big, 17hh Max just had to jump it huge. After ending up on his neck and completely loosing my balance, I was lucky to not land on my head or get stepped on. As a way to calm myself and provide some nice aspect to the day, I got myself a latte.

What I really like about the skinny lattes is that the syrups have no calories. So my cup of Skinny Vanilla Latte certainly did not taste ‘skinny.’ Personalize it I did: decaf, one extra pump of syrup, no foam. Just the creaminess and richness of the steamed milk with a lovely vanilla aroma. The temperature of the milk made sure the vanilla was not overwhelming or too artificial. That would sometimes happen with other cafes, I expect, or at least other vanilla desserts and recipes.

This was definitely a simple coffee, besides the personalization part of it, of course. However, sometimes the simplest things are the best. They ‘un-complicate’ everything else that is going on. Milk and vanilla and coffee, that’s all you really need after a spill in the ring.


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