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The Start of Easter Weekend – Metropolitan Bakery

on April 6, 2012

April 5, 2012
Metropolitan Bakery, Philadelphia PA
Chocolate Raspberry French Macaroon
Lemon Bar


Having passed by this bakery so many times, I have always wanted to take a peek. What finally urged me to actually go there with my friend, Ran, is their French macaroons, a special for Easter and Passover this week. I needed to try a macaroon that was crisp on the outside and moist on the inside.

There was only one left though by the time we got there: the Chocolate Raspberry Macaroon. We split it and it was so delicious. The crisp shell with the moist chocolate cake centre was such a nice texture together, along with the chocolate raspberry cream filling. That filling was very smooth and sweet. There was quite a lot of it for the little thing so each bite was very rich. I cannot judge how good of a macaroon this was as I have not tried many others. However, I can say I enjoyed my half very much. The moist, soft centre really made the difference between this and the mini ones I had before that was left perhaps too long before being eaten.

One macaroon was certainly not enough to split between two people. Therefore, Ran and I also got a Lemon Bar. It looked quite fresh and tasted very light as well. The filling was very lemon-y, a full, rich acidic flavour. It was indeed quite fresh. I had doubts about the crumb and pastry parts, worried that it may be tasting too much like dough. However, I was glad to find it was sweetened enough to just have a nice, sweet baking flavour to it. It crumbled up nicely once it was bitten into. It was, though, quite a large piece. Half was enough for me.

I do plan on going back as I know they have two other flavours of macaroons. I just got to find time to go back, and I will, just so I can sample the other macaroons which I am sure will taste just as delicious as this one!


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