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When Will the Jellybean Hatch? – Artisserie Chocolate Cafe

on April 7, 2012


April 6, 2012
Artisserie Chocolate Café, Philadelphia PA
Spring Cupcake

Good Friday is a national holiday back in Canada, but this year, it is more like special cupcake Friday. This Cupcake du Jour is one of the Artisserie Chocolate Café’s Spring Cupcake varieties. This particular one is for Easter (I’m guessing from the jellybeans as eggs!) Casey picked the chocolate cake one rather than the vanilla.Chocolate for Easter is perfect and we were both so excited to sink our teeth into the beautifully-iced dessert.

The icing was nicely done and the green is a rich shade. The jellybeans really did look like eggs in that chocolate icing nest, even though they were not flavours of beans that I liked. The grass was delicately decorated and the cake looked extremely inviting.

However, I was rather disappointed with the taste of the cupcake. The cake was not as moist as I would like, especially on the outer layers touching the cup where it was even slightly hard. It was soft and spongy but I thought it lacked the moisture and density of a chocolate cake. There is not a strong cocoa flavour to the cake either. At least it was not overly sweet.

The icing was not particularly sweet either, but it also did not have much flavour. I like my icing rich and sweet and creamy. This tasted oily but not enough flavour, which means if I ate too much, it would make my stomach queasy. This is the kind of icing that I do not quite like on cupcakes, when it tastes like it was made from straight sugar. The light cocoa flavour to the brown icing did provide contrast to the regular green icing. However, I find that it is missing that richness to it but at least it was not overwhelmingly sugary.

Overall, although this cupcake looked great, its taste did not live up to its visual appeal. It is a mediocre cupcake, nothing memorable, except for the decorations of course. I mean, who doesn’t want to eat a nest of jellybean eggs for Easter? Oh, and the chocolate cake, I just realized, can represent the dirt underneath the grass and nest, which makes a lot more sense than a vanilla cake base. 


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