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Pretty and Pink – Metropolitan Bakery

on April 8, 2012


April 7, 2012
Metropolitan Bakery, Philadelphia PA
Raspberry Rose French Macaroon

After going late Friday evening and finding that Metro had ran out of French macaroons for the day, I was rather disappointed and made sure to go Saturday morning. When I got there the next day, it was crowded. I never imagined the quaint little cafe would have so many people. The sandwiches they were bringing out, with eggs, cheese, and various meats on bagels, croissants, and other buns looked delicious. However, a closer look at the menu told me (as was pointed out by many online reviews) was slightly overpriced. McDonald’s is just across the street and eggs and cheese can’t possibly be that different. If I wanted it on a croissant though, I would perhaps go to Metro.

However, I was not here for breakfast, just the cute little macaroons. They had three – and this was in the morning! Well, around 11:30, but still early for a Saturday. After waiting in the extremely long line, I got myself one of the three Raspberry Rose French Macaroons they had. It was pretty and pink. Oh, and very delicious.

Just like the one on Thursday, this raspberry rose macaroon was crisp and crunchy on the outside, with a soft, moist cake centre. The filling was actually a dark chocolate cream of some sort. It was slightly like those chocolates that melted in your mouth, but slightly harder. It was in between that and a normal chocolate cream, not too sweet but with quite a rich cocoa flavour. The raspberry shell with the chocolate filling was a nice pairing, just prettier than the chocolate raspberry one two days ago, with less of a chocolate taste. It was mylittle, pink delight of the day!


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