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French Macaroons for Easter – Metropolitan Bakery

on April 9, 2012

ImageApril 8, 2012
Metropolitan Bakery, Philadelphia PA
Coffee French Macaroon
Pistachio French Macaroon


Last day the Metropolitan Bakery is selling French macaroons so I just had to go and see if they had any more flavours I had yet to taste – and I was rewarded for making a trip down there just after 11am. I had already tried the Chocolate Raspberry one so I settled for the other two.

The Coffee French Macaroon had a nice hint of coffee beans. The staff there assured me it was earl grey, but it tasted and looked more like a nice coffee or caramel, so I emailed them to double check. They replied that there was a coffee-flavoured one this weekend. The hint of smokey coffee was sweet and good, like it is on most desserts. I am glad I guessed the right flavour! After all, I do drink coffee, though not everyday. I liked this one quite a lot!

The pistachio’s green was a very pretty shade. The flavour was nice and nutty. It is always hard to get that distinct pistachio flavour because they taste so different from actual pistachio nuts. However, I liked the sweetness level and the nutty aroma.

Both of the macaroons, however, did not have that distinct crunchy shell. It looked like it did, but it was soft and moist. It was hard to separate the texture difference between the shell and the cake on the inside, which was soft and moist like it should be. The pistachio one had a slightly harder shell but was also somewhat sticky. Overall, the texture of both macaroons are not what they should be. There was no crunch, which is a necessary feature of a French macaroon. That was disappointing. However, I always enjoy a little chewiness and stickiness so it was still a nice highlight of the day. I can still taste that light, refreshing sweetness!


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