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Simply Milky, Simply Delicious – Sugar Philly

on April 10, 2012

ImageApril 9, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Milk & Honey French Macaron

Oh my! I am sure glad Angela told me about Sugar Philly. The online reviews were right – the macarons are so worth it! At 3 for $5, they are cheaper than those at Metro but also huge, not just in diameter. They are quite thick and tall, made right on the spot. Well, filled on the spot, at least. I bought three but two were given to Jenny and Ran, both of whom are now addicted to this treat!

For myself, I ate the Milk & Honey French Macaron. It is one of the best, according to online reviews. My oh my, it was delicious! I was not one bit disappointed. Though plain in colour, this flavour is not commonly seen among macarons. The shell was perfect, needless to say. The crunchiness of the outside was a nice texture and the inside is thicker than usual so the moist cake really comes across before melting in my mouth. The filling was nice and thick, too! The sweet and creamy aroma of the milk and honey taste was just wonderful. I like it when it is quite sweet but still having that richness of the milk. The filling really melted into the shell and it just dissolved in my mouth. I can still taste that refreshing sweetness right now, just scrumptious!


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