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France Goes to Italy – Sugar Philly

on April 11, 2012

ImageApril 10, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Tiramisu French Macaron
Chocolate Ganache French Macaron


My French macaroon frenzy continues with two more gorgeous flavours today: Tiramisu and Chocolate Ganache. Yum! I just love how fresh and large Sugar Philly’s macarons are, simply the best treats on campus. Not only do they taste good, they look incredibly cute – so chubby and round. Honestly, I’m not sure how long this addiction to macaroons will be but while I am in this crazy whirlwind of macaroons and desserts, I might as well let my taste buds explode!

The Tiramisu French Macaron was my favourite of the day. The coffee flavour in the filling had such a splendid aroma. Like I said before, coffee in any sweet treat is delicious. This is certainly no exception. However, coffee was not the only flavour in this macaron – the mascarpone cheese part of the filling was so creamy and rich. Mixed with the moist cake and crumbliness of the shell, it was super scrumptious. You can never go wrong with tiramisu but this was such a great transformation of one dessert into another – a perfect blend of Italy and France!

The Chocolate Ganache French Macaron was also great. I love the bright red shell. It just makes me want to smile. The chocolate ganache was nice and thick with a strong cocoa flavour. I am more of a milk chocolate girl so it was not particularly sweet and milky enough for me. Then again, a ganache is supposed to be made with dark semi-sweet chocolate. It was a good ganache and went well with the shell. This was certainly as tasty as it looked! 


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