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Tart and Creamy – McDonald’s

on April 13, 2012

ImageApril 12, 2012
McDonald’s, Philadelphia PA
Strawberry & Crème Pie

Another new McDonald’s pie! I found out about their Strawberry & Crème Pie just after it came out but did not have a chance to sample it until now. Though more of a turnover, I still think of it as a pie since McDonald’s pie was the first ‘pie’ I had ever eaten when I was young. It has become my first thought whenever I hear the word ‘pie.’

Onto the actual dessert, which was decent for McDonald’s. The design was creative, for McDonald’s at least, with the opening on top so that the fillings can be seen and provide a little more colour for the pie. I had my doubts about the flavour of the strawberry and the cream. The strawberry filling was more of a strawberry preserve or jelly-like jam. I wish it could have been more of actual strawberries, just like their apple pies. It was not too sweet or sour, and while not artificial, it did not taste natural and refreshing. The lightness of strawberries definitely was not present at all.


The cream, on the other hand, was quite pleasant. It had more of a custard taste, nice and sweet. It was not the richest cream but rich enough for a dessert like this. I do wish the two fillings were mixed together better though. Perhaps instead of left and right, they could have made it into top and bottom layers so that the flavour was spread evenly in each bite.

The pie is baked, thankfully not fried so that there was not too much oil seeping out of it – barely any actually. I do wish McDonald’s would pay more attention to the quality of their food though. My pie was slightly burnt in one corner. The size also seems smaller, which is odd considering they had just raised their price. Still, for 89 cents, I am not expecting much more. At least it was a nice addition to their menu even though it did not fully meet my expectations all things considered.


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