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The Sparkle of Maple Sugar – Sugar Philly

on April 13, 2012

ImageApril 13, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Maple Walnut French Macaron

What a nice Friday surprise to find out Sugar Philly had the Maple Walnut French Macarons today with matching shells! The macarons taste good but visually, they look divine, especially when displayed in bakeries in various colours. I love the rows and rows of rainbow-coloured delicacies. Even though as a food truck, this is not exactly the case at Sugar Philly, it is nice knowing I can get a good macaron right on campus.

The shell certainly matched the filling nicely, with maple sugar sprinkled on half of the shell. It added a delicate touch to the dessert, reflecting the crispiness of the shell. The inside was again moist and slightly sticky and chewy – a perfect texture to match the shell.

The filling was full of flavour. It was a very sweet filling, a bit on the runny side and did not serve to ‘glue’ the two shells together. However, the flavour did not lack density. The maple was strong and the ground walnuts added a very nutty aroma with a slight texture. Overall, the macaron was stronger in flavour than usual. With maple and walnut flavours, however, this was not too overwhelming like it might have been if it was chocolate. The ratio of filling to the shells were also good with each bite having a nice mix of chewy, crunchy, and sticky textures. Overall, it was a delightful way to start Fling weekend!


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