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An Orange After Dark – Sugar Philly

on April 14, 2012

ImageApril 14, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Orange Blossom French Macaron

My excitement for the night carnival during Fling was rewarded with the Orange Blossom French Macaron from Sugar Philly Truck. Earlier on Wednesday, I asked whether they would have this flavour on Saturday night and they said maybe. Well, I got my taste of the perfectly bright and orange macaron tonight.

The shell has such a lovely shade of orange, not neon but still bright like an actual orange. The moist inside was even brighter – a very beautiful colour once bitten into. The creamy orange filling, again not particularly viscous, had the perfect balance of citrus aroma and the sweetness of the creamy base. It was a very faint orange colour so the varying shades of orange worked nicely after the macaron was bitten.

The balance of tart and sweet in this little delightful treat reminded me of spring and the wonderful weather we have been getting. It is a very refreshing and light dessert, which I am sure provided a nice contrast with all the fried foods people have been eating during Fling. Since I stay away from deep fried foods, this macaron simply made me think of sunshine and sunny mornings. I have to say, I had my doubts about this flavour as many orange-flavoured desserts do not usually turn out very well. However, this was certainly an exception – one that I definitely enjoyed!


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