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Cupcakes Sweetening Fling – Call Me Cupcake

on April 15, 2012

April 14, 2012
Call Me Cupcake, Philadelphia PA
Chocolate Oreo Cupcake
Red Velvet Cupcake
Carrot Cupcake
Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake
Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake


Cupcakes for Fling – how perfect for this years theme of “Fling Never Tasted So Sweet.” Indeed, Fling was perhaps never this sweet with macarons and cupcakes in so many different flavours. I just could not resist trying as many flavours as I can (the only one I did not get was the Vanilla Oreo Cupcake but I assume it is like the Chocolate Oreo one with a vanilla cake).

First is the Chocolate Oreo Cupcake. Throughout the entire cupcake, the Oreo flavour comes through. The chocolate cake base certainly tasted like Oreos, a little on the dark chocolate side and certainly not too sweet. It just tasted like a soft cake version of an Oreo cookie. The icing on top had not only Oreo bits sprinkled on top but little chunks mixed into it as well, providing a really nice and crunchy texture to the cupcake. While the Oreos certainly tasted great, the buttercream icing itself had too much butter in it. It was so oily that the oil remained on my lips after even a small bite. It was not particularly sweet but it certainly was too oily, making it impossible to eat more than a few small bites of the icing.

The Red Velvet Cupcake was certainly delicious. The cake was definitely quite dry and slightly hard, especially the sides. The taste was sweet enough but not close to being overwhelmingly sweet. The cream cheese icing on top with red velvet cake crumb sprinkles provided a nice contrast to the cake. The icing was especially well done and had, in my opinion, the perfect amount of cream cheese. I would perhaps like it to be less viscous. A bit more moisture in the icing would be nice. Overall, though, this was certainly one of the better cupcakes of the night.

The carrot cupcake had a nice, strong carrot flavour. It was also perfectly spiced. However, I guess mass production for an event like Fling will result in slightly odd shapes as my cupcake was slightly squished on one side. The top edges of the sides of the cake were also dry and hardened. The inside, however, remained moist and soft. The grated carrot inside could sometimes be picked out but they sure provided a strong, carroty aroma. The cream cheese icing on top added a nice richness to the cake. I would have liked some walnuts on top instead of just the orange and yellow granulated sugar.

Now onto the two simpler, or at least more generic, cupcakes. They are both clearly decorated to match Penn’s colours. It’s always nice to have some school spirit, no? The cake of the Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake was soft and light. It had only a hint of sweetness, which I really liked. The cake could use more moisture though. The icing on top was certainly a lot more sweeter. I perhaps would like slightly more icing on mine because the cake is so light. However, I must emphasize ‘slightly’ because the icing is very sweet and with the right amount in each bite will balance out the cake nicely. This cupcake is traditional but the flavours, unlike some vanilla cupcakes, were certainly great.

Finally, the Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake certainly suited being given out at a night carnival like this. This cupcake was just screaming ‘Penn after dark.’ Like the vanilla cake, this cake was also lightly sweetened, with the addition of a hint of cocoa. However, despite the softness of the cake, it was somewhat dry. I really like my chocolate cakes to be moist, with a touch of stickiness even. This cupcake certainly needs more frosting. The chocolate icing is really good and perfectly sweet but there definitely needs to be more to create the balance between cake and icing.

Overall, I think their icing have decent flavours, except for the Oreo one. The cake in each of the cupcakes needed moisture though. None of them were as moist as I would like. Some were also a bit on the hard side and not as fluffy. I did like how none of the cakes were too sweet since in a cupcake, the icing is usually quite sweet and needs something light to balance it out.


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