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Sweet and Sticky on a Hot Sunny Day – Sugar Philly

on April 16, 2012

ImageApril 16, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Caramel French Macaron

Wow, it was such a hot day today. Just standing outside will make you sweat and it was extremely stuffy, too. The sunshine was beautiful though and it was great to see everyone with their sunglasses out. So, it makes perfect sense to be eating a brightly coloured macaron.

Monday’s special flavour at Sugar Philly is the Caramel French Macaron. Again, like with the maple walnut one, I love the granulated sugar on the shell, adding that extra crunch. The slightly dark orange suited a nice hot day, especially if eaten in the shade with the warm breeze blowing. The caramel filling tended to melt, though, so I had to put it in my fridge for a few minutes so it did not drip and make a huge sticky mess. 

The caramel was strong. It was a salted caramel, which adds a nice tinge of savoury to the filling. However, I would not have minded a little less salt. It was very sweet and dense. The most I could eat is one macaron of this size, though I am sure there are other people who do not mind the sweetness as much. However, I would rather eat less of something very sweet than more or something that does not have enough sweetness to it. Well, one thing is for certain – I can always depend on a good caramel!


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