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A Custard-filled Surprise – Au Bon Pain

on April 18, 2012

ImageApril 18, 2012
Au Bon Pain, Philadelphia PA
Crème Brulee Cupcake

A break in my macaron craze was filled with Au Bon Pain’s Crème Brulee Cupcake today. I can see a cupcake craze being born, too. That means I will be getting way too much sweets in me, which is why I am so glad Ran is willing to split everything with me! That makes me feel slightly better since I won’t be overeating any desserts. 

Honestly, though, this cupcake was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a custard filling inside the cupcake. Like, wow, a gourmet filled cupcake at Au Bon Pain! I never expected a chain restaurant to have such great cupcakes. It definitely leaves me wanting more from them.

The custard was creamy and tasty. The cake was a nice, soft vanilla cake. Besides the sides being a touch dry, it was that slightly dense and moist cupcake kind of cake that I approve of. The sweetness level was just about perfect. The icing on top was a delicious buttercream that is not too creamy nor too rich that you can’t eat too much of it. I really approve of this buttercream icing as many other variations are usually too rich for me that it makes me feel sick after eating too much. I liked the ratio of icing to cake; there was not too much icing so it was not overwhelming.

The sugar sprinkle on the side added a lovely crunch and the caramel drizzle on top made it just that much more visually appealing. There was not a strong crème brulee flavour coming through. It was more like a vanilla cupcake with a custard filling. Overall, though, the different layers of sweet blended perfectly. It was certainly one of the best cupcakes I have had in a long time. 


One response to “A Custard-filled Surprise – Au Bon Pain

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Now, you are making me hungry This looks real delicious! =)

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