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The Nutty Cocoa – Sugar Philly

on April 18, 2012

ImageApril 17, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Chocolate Hazelnut French Macaron

Another warm, sunny, beautiful day… another delicious macaron! This time, I had the pleasure of enjoying the Chocolate Hazelnut French Macaron of my favourite food truck. As a general rule, I do not eat food truck food, but I’m always willing to make exceptions for dessert food trucks since most of their foods are generally made elsewhere. Sugar Philly is certainly one of those exceptions. 

I loved the toasted nut bits on the shell as they were very pleasing to the eye on the rich brown colour. The chocolate ganache was neither too sweet nor too light, with a very rich cocoa flavour. The hazelnut flavour was a bit too strong for me, however. I am going to guess that they used a hazelnut extract or paste of some sort and mixed it into the ganache, but I could be totally wrong here. For those who like a strong hazelnut flavour, this macaron would be perfect. 

I do love a nice, dense, creamy ganache, though. Chocolate is another one of those ingredients that hardly goes wrong when integrated well into any dessert. And oh how I love the macaron shell’s texture with some of the filling soaking into it – absolutely scrumptious!


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