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Pretty in Pink for Summer – Sugar Philly

on April 20, 2012

ImageApril 20, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Almond Rhubarb French Macaron

It was such a beautiful day today – perfectly sunny but not too hot. The sky was a clear blue with white clouds, and the day had a nice breeze. To match, Sugar Philly offered a brand new flavour of their delicious macarons – the Almond Rhubarb French Macaron.

The bright red shell that has a slight shade of pink is so pleasing to the eye, perfect for such a day. The almond slices on top gave it the feel of summer – which I am extremely excited for after eight months of college – nice and light. It also did add a splendid extra crunch to the macaron. It just looked like a little bundle of summery joy, pretty in pink.

The filling was composed to two separate fillings: a creamy almond paste and a darker pink-red rhubarb sauce. The almond paste was light but nutty, since almonds are less oily compared to many other nuts. The texture is one of finely crushed almonds, and I mean very fine. However, it was still distinguishable – not a smooth paste. It was only lightly sweetened, which reinforces the summer feel to the dessert. The rhubarb sauce had a nice tang to it. It was not too sweet either and I quite liked the tartness. This was a completely smooth sauce, complementing the almond paste.


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