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Remedy for Feeling Green – Sugar Philly

on April 20, 2012

ImageApril 19, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Green Tea French Macaron

There is nothing like a macaron to make up for a disappointing math exam. At least I only have one final left before I am done with math and calculus. To console myself, I chose to indulge in a Green Tea French Macaron. The green tea powder on the shell gave it that distinct, Asian flavour. The colour was not particularly bright and colourful. I have to admit I was expecting a green shell rather than a creamy colour with green tea powder. The filling was also a dark olive green and olive green has always been that colour that I cast aside.

Regardless, I will always enjoy the texture of a crispy shell with a slightly sticky and soft cake filling. The sweetness of Sugar Philly’s shells is exactly what I like. The filling for this macaron is some kind of a viscous green tea sauce. It clearly had a lot of sugar in it but the tea scent was also strong. A nice spring flavour, it definitely suits a cool April afternoon. A nice bright green tint to the shell would have been better, though – one that reflects the delicacy of tea leaves. 


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