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The C’s Have it – Starbucks

on April 20, 2012

ImageApril 19, 2012
Starbucks, Philadelphia PA
Chocolate Cinnamon Bread

Chocolate, cinnamon, and cake – alliteration tastes absolutely scrumptious! The Starbucks beside our dining hall had the Chocolate Cinnamon Bread again today. I never quite understood why a cake like this can be called bread, since when I think of bread I think of golden brown dough. I asked the barista to make sure it was what I thought it was since there was no label. She asked me if I wanted to try it and I said not now. I then asked whether it would still be available tomorrow morning since they had pretty much an entire loaf, at least eight slices or so. She then told me to just try it and grabbed a slice for me. Just like that. Apparently, no one buys it so it just sits there anyways. How nice of her. It makes sense from a promotional perspective actually, just unexpected that Starbucks would just give out food like that.

So I have finally tried my first slice of Chocolate Cinnamon Bread and I absolutely love it. It is not my favourite cake ever but I would definitely buy it “again.” I especially like the crunchy cinnamon crumble crust on the top. (Oh look, more alliteration!) It has a very strong cinnamon flavour, only lightly sweetened so mostly just cinnamon spice. The texture is almost perfect for a coffee cake type of dessert like this one and it is not just sugary sweet.

The cake was a little dry on the sides but the centre was nice and soft. It was not particularly moist but quite spongy and just dense enough for a coffee cake to bring out the richness of the dark chocolate. It was not too dark, but it definitely had a dark cocoa taste. Overall, it was not too sweet, with it being dark chocolate and cinnamon. As always, Starbucks clearly maintains a decent quality on its products. Oh, and I feel like I have been using ‘c’ a lot in my blogs. Caramel, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate, cake… Another thing they all have in common is the great taste!


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