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My Love for Mozzarella – Black Bear Saloon

on April 22, 2012

ImageApril 21, 2012
Black Bear Saloon, Milford CT
Chicken Mesclun Salad

En route to my first ever All Ivies horse show, everyone got hungry and desperately needed a bathroom. We happened to pass by Westfield Connecticut Post Mall, and as our coach was very good at spotting malls, we took notice and decided to stop and stretch our legs out. 

As it was dinner time, we decided to eat at the mall but had little interest in Chipotle and other dining court options – yes, it is called dining court and not food court here. Looking at the directory, the others decided on Black Bear Saloon, which I have never heard of and had no idea what kind of food it offered.

Upon entering, it was clear the restaurant was a casual bar, which is quite odd in a mall. They seem to have a lot of advertisements for their special on practically every day of the week. We were just looking for a quick meal, though, and it was late so none of the deals applied.

I ordered the Chicken Mesclun Salad, though I almost went for the Bear Pear Salad. However, I was really craving fresh mozzarella as I recently discovered how light and chewy and perfect it is for my taste thanks to our dining hall express station’s basil mozzarella and tomato sandwich on focaccia bread. Anyways, grilled chicken and the roasted red peppers also sounded good so I went with this salad.

The red onions were kind of strong and not very sweet. Apart from that, the salad was decent. It was not anything special but it was not horrible either. The chicken was nicely grilled, with a char on the outside making it quite crispy. I liked the texture a lot. I got the balsamic vinaigrette on the side, though it actually tasted quite nice.

The tomato quarters were quite sweet but did not have that nice tomato taste that only the best tomatoes will have. The mixed greens were kind of disappointing as the pieces were not too crisp and they were kind of soaked in the liquid from the other vegetables or perhaps water. The roasted red peppers were very well cooked and kind of mushy but I like them. They had a nice roasted pepper flavour. Actually, give me any red bell peppers and I will like them. The mozzarella strips were also one of my favourite parts of the dish. I am still in love with that soft and tender chewiness and the light cheesiness. 

For the price they charged – $9.49 – it is not particularly expensive, though I would have like more vegetables in my salad. The service was just okay and the place, though not bad, was not memorable. For just a quick meal in an unfamiliar place, it was decent enough that I did not complain. 


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