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A Little Bundle of Tiramisu – Starbucks

on April 23, 2012

ImageApril 23, 2012
Starbucks, Philadelphia PA
Tiramisu Cake Pop

I bought this cake pop two days ago, but never had a chance to eat it over the weekend. At least it was still fresh, since the cake is inside the chocolate shell. My second time eating Starbucks’ Tiramisu Cake Pop tasted just as lovely as the first time. Seriously though, their cake pops are one of the best treats they have ever offered.

The coffee-flavoured chocolate bean on top was a little bland without a rich coffee or cocoa flavour. The white chocolate shell also did not taste like rich, pure chocolate. I would have really liked it to be made from a better chocolate, as I just love the white chocolate sweetness. However, the light taste did match the tiramisu aspect of the cake pop.

Tiramisu is not supposed to be sweet. Instead, the cake pop did reflect the light, refreshing aspect of the dessert. The cake pop certainly lacked the mascarpone cheese flavour but it mirrored the lightly sweetened coffee-soaked cake well. The inside of the cake pop was very dense and chewy. I love the sticky texture and the chewiness of the cake, as well as the moisture and light coffee flavour. The moisture and density that comes with mixing cake with frosting for the cake ball on the inside is for my taste buds a truly splendid texture. 


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