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Lovely Mangoes, Drop the Mangoes – Ben & Jerry’s

on April 27, 2012

ImageApril 26, 2012
Ben & Jerry’s, Philadelphia PA
Mango Mango Sorbet

With a coupon for free ice cream, I happily made my way down to Ben & Jerry’s, knowing I was going to try Mango Mango Sorbet. I am not the biggest fan or sorbet, preferring a richer, creamier ice cream. However, I can never turn down anything mango. It is just one of those “never go wrong” flavours. It reminds me of my role as Asaka in Once On This Island when she was obsessed with mangoes. The “lovely mangoes! Drop the mangoes.” Yeah, mangoes are that awesome.

This sorbet did not disappoint. Its texture was almost like that of an ice cream but more refreshing. The flavour was quite sweet, with the perfect amount of tartness. It tasted like summer and just made me really happy. It was not as icy as shaved ice but still had that juicy base, which made it not overly rich. Overall, is was a wonderful sorbet. Clearly, mangoes, once again, did not disappoint!


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