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Back to High School with a Macaron – Sugar Philly

on April 29, 2012

ImageApril 27, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Blueberry Lemon French Macaron

Another lemon-y delight on this wonderful Friday after a lovely riding lesson. I love Sugar Philly’s surprise flavours on Fridays. It always brightens my day. I get excited when they tweet the day before, saying they are having a special flavour the next day. The colours this time – blue and yellow – reminds me of my high school colours. We were blue and gold and this macaron was more like purple and yellow. But again, my first high school was purple and gold. With that, I recall the stress-free days that are way behind me. Well, at least this macaron can help me de-stress a little!

This particular Blueberry Lemon French Macaron was nice and tart. The mix of the two fruits did not convince me enough. However, the tartness did go together. It felt a little forced, but the colours were splendid! I love that bright yellow with the purple-bluish filling. The shell was not only crisp with a soft centre but was also lemon-flavoured! I could still taste the almond flavour in it though, which was good. The blueberry filling was also light and refreshing. It was not creamy nor like a jelly in texture. Overall, the macaron was not too sweet with its blend of sugar and acidity. 


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