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Chinese Yet Again – 生记-Sang Kee Noodle House

on April 29, 2012

ImageApril 27, 2012
生记 – Sang Kee Noodle House, Philadelphia PA
雪豆炒素鸭 (Sauteed Snow Peas with Mock Duck)
炒银针粉 (Needle Noodle)
口水鸡 (Spicy Savory Chicken)

One week later, David and I are back at Sang Kee. This time, it was my turn to foot the bill. It was more delicious this time. Overall, I was more satisfied with these dishes. None were too oily, salty, or bland. Also, my craving for chewy foods was somewhat satisfied. 

I mistakenly thought this was snow peas leaves. Only after the server left did I realize I ordered not the leaves, but the actual peas. However, I love mock duck. The 雪豆炒素鸭 was actually pretty good. The sauce was savoury and slightly sweetened at the same time, with a lot of soy sauce flavouring. It was not very oily but very flavourful, and it soaked into the mock duck. That was my favourite part of the dish. Bean curd products always have the tender chewiness that I love so much. It was cooked perfectly. I was a bit displeased with the large pieces of carrots though. That and the snow peas could have been cooked a little more thoroughly. The mock duck was lovely though!


Next came 炒银针粉, which the server said was really good when I asked her what kind of noodle it was. Instead of describing it to me, she told me the name in Chinese. Not much help that was since it was printed right on the menu. She was right, though, in saying the dish is good. These needle noodles are short and thick but pointed on the ends. They were translucent and were quite chewy, cooked to the perfect texture. Slippery and chewy just made my day. The egg on top, lightly passed through oil I believe, was lovely. It was very soft and tender and the whites and yolk were whisked together so it was neither heavy nor light. The pork was good, as were the bean sprouts and scallions. The shrimp were a little overcooked though, typical of Sang Kee. Well, they were probably frozen shrimp so that is as tender and chewy as you can get. I would have preferred fresh, grilled shrimp that are not overdone.

ImageFinally, we ordered 口水鸡. This is supposed to be a traditional, very spicy, cold dish. It was not served exactly hot, but definitely not as cold as I would like. The sauce on top was spicy, but not spicy enough. At least it was spicier than most of their dishes though so it was nice to have that spicier flavour. It also did not have enough of the ginger and scallion in oil and soy sauce aroma. Considering the overall standard of Sang Kee, though, it was decent. It just was not up to my standards of the traditional 口水鸡. It was definitely not very mouth watering. The chicken was cooked nicely though. It was tender and not over done nor undercooked as it will be sometimes. I liked the texture and the extra spice in it well enough.

Overall, I think the needle noodle and the mock duck are going to become a part of my staple next year. They were delicious enough and not oily that I would definitely eat it more often. After a meal like this, I just keep on thinking how much I love chewing my food. I need that texture!


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