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Classy Cinnamon and Special Strawberry – Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

on April 29, 2012

ImageApril 29, 2012
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Philadelphia PA
Cinnamon Bun Doughnut
Strawberry Cake Doughnut with Cream Cheese Icing

Another doughnut-filled brunch at the dining hall just made my day that much better. Today, they had some more of the special flavours. There were too many that I could not even try all of them, so I am going back tomorrow in the hopes they will have Krispy Kreme doughnuts during the week as well.

I picked up the Cinnamon Bun Doughnut without knowing exactly what it was. When I bit into it, I was pleasantly surprised. The glaze was nice and thick, perfect as always. The yeast dough was again soft and chewy, tasting very fresh. The cinnamon surprised me but I absolutely loved it. It was not too overwhelming but definitely distinct. I just love the cinnamon sweetness and spice with the sweet, sugary glaze. The two together, with the chewy doughnut texture, was amazing!


I also tried Krispy Kreme’s new feature doughnut, the Strawberry Cake Doughnut with Cream Cheese Icing. Let’s start from the inside out. The cake dough was slightly disappointing. It was not sweet, but it had lots of food colouring to give it that lovely pink colour. This I liked, but I could use more sweetness. The texture was also more like a yeast dough rather than a cake batter. The little pieces of strawberry in there was not distinct. What I did not really like was the artificial strawberry flavour. I am certainly not a fan of artificial fruit flavours, especially strawberry or cherry. They are just too different from the real thing.

The cream cheese icing, together with the glaze, was amazing though. The amount of tartness was perfect. It was creamy and rich, and the sprinkles added a little something extra. With such a perfect icing, I could almost overlook the negatives of the dough.Image

Clearly, Krispy Kreme is quickly becoming a favourite of mine, raising the bar for doughnuts once again. Their doughnuts just taste really fresh, whereas many I have eaten before seemed stale, even if they were made that morning. I am eager to try all their varieties now, so watch out for more doughnuts this week!


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