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Au Bon Cupcake – Au Bon Pain

on April 30, 2012

ImageApril 30, 2012
Au Bon Pain, Philadelphia PA
Macchiato Cupcake
Double Chocolate Cupcake

All I have to say is that these are the best cupcakes ever! Seriously, they are that amazing. They made me a happy girl today. It may seem hard to believe that a restaurant chain like Au Bon Pain actually sells the best cupcakes, better than even bakeries that should be more specialized in cupcakes. It seems impossible, but it is true, believe me. These cupcakes are not particularly large, but they were very fresh. They sell out everyday so they would be fresh. 

The Macchiato Cupcake had a nice and light coffee aroma. The coffee cake base was so soft and airy, and just the right moisture for a cupcake. It was not dry at all and the texture was consistent throughout. It was not particularly sweet so it was quite a light cake. The colour matched the flavour. The whipped cream icing on top is in no way oily. Instead, it was very sweet and not too fluffy, although I would not mind it if it was a bit more firm and dense. The flavour is exactly how I like it, rich but very sugary. You can almost feel the texture of the sugar. The chocolate-coated Espresso bean on top was very crunchy and was a nice little surprise. The cupcake looked simple but the flavours blended beautifully.Image

Next is the Double Chocolate Cupcake. Can I just say, this cupcake perfectly embodies my ideal version of a chocolate cupcake. The cake itself is soft, light, and moist. The perfect texture and density for a cupcake. For a regular chocolate cake, I would like a bit more moisture, but for a cupcake, this is excellent. It was not too sweet to balance out the frosting. According to the Au Bon Pain website, the cake base is chocolate cake mixed with chocolate pudding, which could be why it is rather moist for a cupcake. It suits me just fine! The chocolate cream cheese frosting is sticky, dense, and sweet. It tasted more like a semisweet chocolate ganache, a little sweeter and not as hard. I just love the sweet and chocolatey gooeyness. The shaved chocolate on top added a little something extra to make it pretty much perfect. 

Clearly, I am amazed by the quality of Au Bon Pain’s cupcakes. I will really miss them next year as they will close at the end of the summer semester. At least there are stores at the airport, which means I will still have chances to satisfy my taste buds with their scrumptious cupcakes!


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