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Nutty but Artificial – Sugar Philly

on May 2, 2012

ImageMay 1, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Hazelnut French Macaron

Despite a very busy week, I still somehow manage to find time for delicious desserts. A nice surprise today courtesy of Sugar Philly. Instead of their usual Chocolate Hazelnut macarons on Tuesday, they offered a Hazelnut French Macaron today, without the chocolate mixed into the filling. 

The shell is still the same: brown, with some hazelnut bits on the surface and a light hint of cocoa flavour. Today’s shells were very delicate and were kind of cracked when I got them. I had to handle it very carefully. I would have perhaps liked it to be a little firmer and thus crunchier. It was still a decent shell though. The filling was just hazelnut. The texture of the ground hazelnut was obvious and the flavour of the hazelnut paste was very strong. I like the amount of sweetness but it had too much artificial nut flavouring for me. I am not a fan of artificial flavours and there was just a bit too much in this filling. However, the creaminess was good. Overall, this macaron was certainly not one of my favourites. However, it is still a macaron so it will make my day slightly better regardless. 


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