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Weary Cherry – McDonald’s

on May 3, 2012

ImageMay 3, 2012
McDonald’s, Philadelphia PA
Baked Cherry Pie

Before heading home, I knew I had to try McDonald’s Baked Cherry Pie. They do not have this on the west coast, not that I have seen anyways. Since it is location-specific, I did not want to miss my chances. Unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations, even considering the fact that it is McDonald’s and thus I am not looking for anything gourmet.

First of all, it was small. It was only $0.75, but it was smaller than I thought a McDonald’s pie would be. I mean, are they making them smaller and smaller? Second, the visual appeal was almost next to zero. Not only is it small, it looked like it was baked a long time ago, not fresh at all. The crust, which was supposed to be flaky, tasted quite stale as well. It was neither flaky nor crispy; instead, it was hard to chew. I know that they bake it and then keep it warm so that the pies are available at all times. However, they are usually still quite fresh. This one tasted like it was left warm for not just today but yesterday as well, maybe longer.

ImageThe cherry filling was slightly less disappointing. It was neither too sweet nor too bland. The tartness was okay. I did like how they had actual cherries inside, despite the fact that it tasted a lot like an artificial preserve. It did not taste like cherries much and was clearly diluted to a point where it was artificial flavours and sugary sweetness. The filling was nice and sticky, though, like I thought it would. Overall, it was disappointing but that was mostly due to the pie not being baked fresh. If it were fresh, I am sure it would taste quite decent.


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