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Last Philly Salad… For Now – McDonald’s

on May 5, 2012

ImageMay 4, 2012
McDonald’s, Philadelphia PA
Bacon Ranch Salad

It is just my type of luck that my terminal and gate is the furthest one. I was quite hungry by the time I got there. However, McDonald’s is right beside the gate, so at least I could get a decently priced salad that came without chicken. I was disappointed that they did not have the Side Salad. Two of those are my best buddies in McDonald’s.

They did not have the Southwest Salad either, and I was rather hoping for some crunchy bits to munch on. I had to settle for the Bacon Ranch Salad. At least it has more variety in the ingredients than a Caesar one. Bacon, chewy cheese, and cherry tomatoes just seemed more appealing at the time than croutons and cheese. The croutons are usually stale, too, so they end up left on the plate.

The lettuce was fine, although there were a few leaves of spoiled spring mix. At least it was not so dry since most of the leaves were still crunchy with moisture. The carrot slices were dry, though, and the cherry tomatoes were a little on the ripe side. The cheese was okay. There was quite a lot of it and while the flavour was mild, I like the texture of processed cheese. It was just regular processed cheddar and mozzarella so it was neither excellent nor horrible. The bacon gave it good flavouring, though, to contrast the refreshing lettuce. Savoury and finely chopped, I was surprised to find that along with a lot of cheese, the bacon bits were also quite plentiful. That pleased me. I always prefer something savoury before a flight. Despite the rather mediocre salad, I am just glad they had a McDonald’s beside my boarding gate. 


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