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Philly’s Cinco de Mayo – Sugar Philly

on May 5, 2012

ImageMay 4, 2012
Sugar Philly, Philadelphia PA
Dulce de Leche French Macaron

Finally, this is my last post of a Philadelphia food for a couple of months! As a little early celebration of Cinco de Mayo, Sugar Philly offered Dulce de Leche French Macarons today. I had my last exam at noon so I had asked them to save me one. When I got there in the afternoon, Dan told me he saved me the last one and was sold out otherwise. Boy am I glad I sent that Tweet that morning to make sure I got to try their special Mexican flavour! They always bring wonderful surprises on Fridays. Sadly, this is the last one before the fall, but I am sure they will have more for me to try in a couple of months.

Now this is my kind of macaron. The Dulce de Leche French Macaron, with its bright orange shell, is sweet to the max. If it were not for the fact that I was on a plane and therefore have increased chances of being sick if I eat too much sweet stuff, I would have gobbled this one up. The creamy filling is thick and gooey, full of dulce de leche’s caramel goodness. Unlike the salted caramel, this one was sweeter and denser, making it taste a whole lot pure and richer. The slight tartness to it balanced out the sweetness nicely.

The shell was also rather sweet, without too much almond taste this time. With the filling together, this macaron is easily too sweet for a lot of people. If it were any bigger than this already gigantic size for a macaron, it would be hard to stomach. On a nice, sunny day, if I was not going on a plane and was not eating sweet stuff continuously throughout the day and thus worried of getting sick, it would be the perfect treat for me. 


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