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Spicy Thai Without the Spice – McDonald’s

on May 8, 2012

ImageMay 7, 2012
McDonald’s, Vancouver BC
Spicy Thai Salad

Canada’s McDonald’s always have more variations in their salads than do the ones in the States. I have not had the Spicy Thai Salad in quite a while so it was a refreshing, light lunch. I asked for without the chicken, although I regret that now because the chicken is supposed to have that spicy Thai glaze, thus the word “spicy” in the name.

All I got was a bed of surprisingly fresh lettuce and greens, with cucumbers, red peppers, and carrots. This was certainly a lot fresher than the one I had the other day at the airport. The carrots were not that dry yet and the vegetables still had most of their moisture. I loved the bag of whole wheat crisps it came with, thus making it an Asian salad along with the Asian sesame dressing. The crunchiness added a lovely texture to the salad. The dressing was also sweet and with that rich sesame oil flavour. While it is kind of odd to have an Asian-style salad, I have to say I am liking it quite a bit. 

Clearly, McDonald’s food is no where near good quality. The salad was so mediocre. All things considered, especially since it is McDonald’s after all, I am just glad I did not get a plate of half wilted leaves with stale crisps that are not even crispy. The colours were bright so that at least matched with the refreshing taste of the salad. Next time, though, I will be sure to have the chicken to get that spicy flavour, one I am sure I will like. 


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