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Desserts to Compliment Summer School – Moore’s Bakery

on May 9, 2012

ImageMay 8, 2012
Moore’s Bakery, Vancouver BC
Raspberry French Macaroon
Orange French Macaroon
Chocolate French Macaroon

Vanilla French Macaroon
Red Velvet Cupcake


Summer school has started which means I have a U-pass and thus access to unlimited public transit. The one good thing about it is that I am free to go wherever after class, including the bakeries I have waited for so long to try. One I was especially eager to sample was Moore’s Bakery, especially since I discovered they offered both macarons and cupcakes!

When I finally made my trip down there, however, I have to say I was quite disappointed by what I tried. The French macarons, at $1.50, are no where near as good as the ones I have been getting from Sugar Philly. They are slightly larger than the size of a toonie, which is quite common for macarons. However, I expected them to be of higher quality. All of them, except for the chocolate one, had a crisp shell but hardly any soft centres. The cookies were mostly hardened on the inside, making it hard to bite since the outside is so fragile. Without the soft, moist cookie centres, it lost that lovely texture of a macaron.

The colour of the Raspberry French Macaron was lovely, though – pretty and pink. The filling tasted very strongly of  artificial raspberry flavouring but was quite good. I could even see tiny bits of raspberry. It reminded me of something I had eaten when I was little, although I cannot pinpoint exactly what it tasted like. It was more or less a deja vu for my taste buds.

The Orange French Macaron was also very bright and sunny. The colour seemed to be screaming how nice and beautiful the weather was, and it was quite a lovely sunny afternoon. It was a little chilly for me perhaps, but nonetheless beautiful. The cream filling inside, though, was one of those that has just too much cream. The strong artificial orange flavour is not one to easily cover up the overwhelming richness and blandness of cream. Sadly, I would not be able to eat a lot of this because the cream will start to make me sick. One bit would not hurt, but it was not a very pleasant dessert for me.

The Chocolate French Macaroon was definitely my favourite of the four. This is the only one where the shell is not hard on the inside, so the texture was that of a nice macaron. It was a little out of proportion, however, with it being not quite as flat. The shell was also cracking so I would have appreciated if the bakery could have handled their food with more care. The chocolate was strong but not too sweet. The ganache filling was lovely with a light hint of dark chocolate.

Next, the Vanilla French Macaroon also reminded me of something I had eaten before. Perhaps it is just the vanilla flavouring messing with my palate. It tasted more like a vanilla bean flavour to me, and it was very appealing. The sweetness was just right and the macaron was in the right proportions. Again, my only complaint is the cookie not having a very good texture.Image

Last but not least, I decided to try their Red Velvet Cupcake since they posted about them on Facebook just the other day. It looked simple but delicious, so I got one. I loved the white chocolate curl on top. White chocolate really is my favourite type of chocolate when eaten in moderation. Though the colour perhaps was too close to that of the cream cheese frosting, unlike the contrast when the brown-coloured curls were used, I much rather eat white chocolate. The rest of the dessert was a disappointment, though. The frosting was okay. It was no where near as sweet and rich as I would like it. It tasted a bit too much like a cream cheese, with a slight tartness and not enough sugar. This, however, I did not mind as much as I minded the red cake. The cake was soft but quite dry. It was not completely devoid of moisture, but it certainly could not be considered moist. I love really moist cakes, so this one, which was neither moist nor sweet, is definitely not good in my opinion. Mom seems to like that it is not so sweet, though, so I guess it really depends on personal taste.

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