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White, Orange, and Almonds – Café for Contemporary Art

on May 13, 2012

ImageMay 12, 2012
Café for Contemporary Art, North Vancouver BC
Iced Blood Orange Rooibos Tea
White Chocolate Almond Butter Cup

After a very late lunch – or rather linner – Yeoman had to leave so Howard and I visited Café for Contemporary Art as we originally planned since I already had my Groupon. It was a short walk away from the waterfront and the market, and the whole neighbourhood had been recently developed so everything was new, clean, and modern. This cafe was certainly no exception. Inside, it was spacious and quaint. The walls were decorated with contemporary paintings, with even bigger ones inside a gallery display room. The art was quite fancy and abstract, and this was complimented by the chairs and tables that had no rhyme or reason in their designs. Each was different, but together, it went well with the theme of the cafe. The place would be perfect to sip an iced coffee or tea on such a beautiful afternoon while working on one’s laptop. Their food display case, though offering very limited choices, was neat and clean, giving the whole place an upscale atmosphere.Image

At the recommendation of the barista, I ordered the Iced Blood Orange Rooibos Tea as she said it was better than the blueberry one if I wanted it cold. Since I know next to nothing about teas, I followed her suggestion. It was certainly a nice drink, with a nice flavour and a strong orange aroma. I cannot really judge on the quality of the tea. I assume it was good, as the tea flavour was strong despite being iced. I also quite like orange-flavoured teas, with the Orange Blossom Tazo Tea being my favourite at Starbucks. Regardless, it was refreshing – and the colour certainly matched that of the sunshine outside.

ImageWith only two types of desserts available – besides muffins, cookies, and other pastries – I picked the White Chocolate Almond Butter Cup over the brownie. Each part of that name sounded appealing, and ever since I heard about almond butter, I have been wanting to try it. The fact that it looked finely made also helped. The white chocolate was hard to get through at first, but it was crisp and quite pure. I love a good, sweet white chocolate. The almond butter inside was very strongly flavoured of almond and was absolutely delicious! It was less smooth than peanut butter, and also less oily and not as rich. This was expected since almonds have less oil than peanuts. The flavour was perfect though – the sweetness just right. The almond on top added a nice visual touch to the dessert. Since the whole thing is just chocolate and almond butter, eating the entire dessert would be too much for most people. Split it up into several portions, however, and each time will add the perfect touch on a sunny afternoon.


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