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Curry of My Childhood – 美心饼店-Maxim’s Bakery

on May 14, 2012

May 13, 2012
美心饼店 – Maxim’s Bakery, Richmond BC
芒果慕斯 (Mango Mousse)
红豆绿茶慕斯 (Green Tea Mousse Cake w/ Red Bean)
咖喱牛肉包 (Curry Beef Bun)


This is one of those times where you just have got to love discount coupons. It makes you not feel so guilty getting little cakes for $2.25 a piece. Actually, it would be better to have coupons for those more high end bakeries where they sell each individual dessert for around $5, but hey, I am not complaining.

I have never bought individual cakes at Maxim’s Bakery before and have only tried their large chestnut cake. The 芒果慕斯 (Mango Mousse) just looked so appetizing. The yellow was so bright with that glaze and the shape was unique, too. Plus, since I went late, there was only one piece left. Still, it was clearly favoured over some of the other desserts there so I figured I would give it a try. The mango on top was ripe and sweet, with a very lovely and strong tropical aroma. The mousse is neither too rich nor too dense and sweet. Instead, it was light and airy and just melts in your mouth. There was not that much mousse in that cake since there were two thicker layers of plain white cake. This I did not mind either since it made the dessert extra non-sweet and light. The cake was soft and spongy and hardly sweetened at all. Coupled with the mousse, it was easy to eat and overall, very light.

The 红豆绿茶慕斯 (Green Tea Mousse Cake w/ Red Bean) was less light than the Mango Mousse, just because it was green tea with red beans, though. The tea flavour was there but not too overpowering. It was still light, especially since it also had two large layers of almost non-sweet Asian white sponge cake. The few red beans in the middle mousse layer were okay. I think those could have been a bit sweeter, and a few more would be nice. The colour on this cake was great, too – nothing too artificial but not a weird green either. The chocolate decorations on top, though, did not taste as good. They were very poor quality chocolate, with no real cocoa taste or even sugar for that matter. At least they gave it a nice crunch.

Finally, the 咖喱牛肉包 (Curry Beef Bun) has been a favourite of mine since around a decade ago. It is one of the few things that has not changed about Maxim’s, except maybe that it is bigger and more expensive. The taste of the curry and ground beef is still the same, though. It is somehow less rich, I guess due to the fact there is not much coconut milk in that curry. It is also just nicely spiced. The flavour soaks into the bread and the colour just looks very appetizing. I like it when it is warm out of the oven, though, because then you can really get the full aroma of the lovely curry.

We bought more than three items but it was just not possible to taste everything the same day. Maxim’s has been quite consistent over the years. According to Mom, they are the best bakery in Richmond. For me, it just brings me back to my childhood growing up in Richmond and living in a rented apartment and going to elementary school. It is sometimes surprising how much a certain food can remind you of. In that sense, I hope they will stick around for some time to come!

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