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Dependable and Delectable – 美心饼店-Maxim’s Bakery

on May 14, 2012

ImageMay 14, 2012
美心饼店 – Maxim’s Bakery, Richmond BC
比萨包 (Pizza Bun)
香葱火腿包 (Ham w/ Green Onion Bun)
芝士粟米肠仔包 (Corn Wiener w/ Cheese Bun)


I saved the three similar savoury buns for today since I needed to eat them for breakfast anyways (not all three, but still). Buns like these are never out-of-this-world, but they will hardly ever disappoint, unless the dough is horrible or it is very stale, or perhaps too much or too less of a topping or sauce. However, that hardly happens at a place like Maxim’s so a comforting breakfast is always nice – one that is neither too greasy or too heavy in your stomach.

The 比萨包 (Pizza Bun) tasted surprisingly like a pepperoni pizza. I guess the baked cheese and the savoury pepperoni or sausage bits mixed with a slight tomato sauce really works, especially on Asian bread. This dough was not the sweetened kind, so it got a little dry after being kept overnight. However, it was still soft and spongy. The cheese on top was actually quite savoury instead of very bland and tasting like plastic as some processed cheese tend to taste like. It was a pretty good imitation of a pizza – nothing special but decent.

ImageThe 香葱火腿包 (Ham w/ Green Onion Bun) had a layer of the sweet mayo on top that I really love. It is one of those sauces that does not taste buttery but just sticky and sweet, arguably my favourite sauce ever to go with bread. This dough was sweetened, and with a coating of the mayo, was kept super fresh, moist, soft, and chewy – just the way I like my Chinese bread to be. The ham was nothing special, nor was the green onion. It was smothered with the other type of Asian mayo that is not as sweet and more oily. I think I would have preferred the sweet one, but it was not bad.

ImageFinally, the 芝士粟米肠仔包 (Corn Wiener w/ Cheese Bun) was a nice combination of sweet and savoury. The corn and the thin coating of the sweet mayo gave it that light sweetness on top of the sweetened dough. This dough, like that of the Ham w/ Green Onion Bun, was moist, soft, and chewy. However, I feel like there is not enough of that sweet mayo on top. The corn and the sausage (chopped up hot dog wiener that tasted quite ordinary) was again put into the more buttery mayo and I would have liked it to be the sweet one. However, there was more savoury flavour to this bun because of the cheese. A little parsley on top made it look more sophisticated but the taste was not apparent.

Overall, I think these three savour buns are just typical Asian buns that will never get amazing but will always be there to give you some comfort breakfast food, especially the last two with the Chinese mayo and some sort of meat. They are what I like to call the old, reliable, non-homey, foods that you can always depend on. Maxim’s just uses a lovely sweet dough that tastes, especially when it’s fresh, absolutely delicious.

Maxim's 美心餅店 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon


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