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A Raspberry Start to the Summer – Starbucks

on May 16, 2012

ImageMay 15, 2012
Starbucks, Vancouver BC
Raspberry Thumbprint Scone

My first scone at Starbucks ever! I only got addicted to these yummy baked goodies when Mom started making them last year. Her scones tasted more like a bread or roll but with clearly more butter and more of a crumbly texture. I was extremely excited to hear about this new Starbucks scone, especially since Starbucks Canada does not offer much in the way of scones compared with the stores in the States. With only 200 calories, it is a lot less than their other scones. Even if it is smaller, it still has less calories because it is not exactly that tiny.

The Raspberry Thumbprint Scone is just like its name – a traditional scone topped with raspberry preserve. The preserve was nothing out of the ordinary. The raspberry flavour was very strong but not overly sweet. The texture was also nice. The scone itself was quite hard. It was not so fluffy. Instead, it was flaky and crumbly, slightly like a shortbread cookie texture. I did not mind, as it was very tasty. The butter was not overwhelming. It was there but just the right amount. It was hardly sweet either, so for a buttery scone, I thought it was quite light. The only problem I had with it was that it was quite thick so the first bite or two, I did not get any raspberry jam and could only taste the scone. I get the presentation, but it certainly would be nice to have raspberry in every bite instead of it being concentrated in the middle. 


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