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An Asian Twist on Raspberries and Tiramisu – 大统华面包坊-T&T Bakery

on May 17, 2012

ImageMay 17, 2012
大统华面包坊 – T&T Bakery, Richmond BC
北海道雪莓蛋糕 (Raspberry Cake)
提拉米酥蛋糕 (Tiramisu Cake)


After coming home late from school, I finally got to go grocery shopping with Mom. Before heading to Costco – a place I have not yet been to since coming home for the summer – we met up at T&T since it was near the skytrain station. Mom got there earlier than I did so she had already scoured out quite a few things when I arrived.

She got extremely excited about the 北海道雪莓蛋糕 (Raspberry Cake) and kept on telling me that it was not always available, unlike some of the other cakes at T&T Bakery such as the various mousse and fruit cakes. I was planning on getting macarons from Faubourg but she called when I was on the bus. Then I was going to get the Strawberry Pie from McDonald’s but she finally managed to convince me and get this cake from T&T. It was actually extremely delicious. The chocolate garnishes on top were actually a decent milk and white chocolate blend. They were sweet and rich but not too overwhelming. The cake itself was light and lovely. The Asian white cake was hardly sweet at all, making the raspberry preserve quite distinct. The raspberry flavour was very fresh and very strong. It was certainly more of an Asian raspberry jam and tasted like it was newly made. The tartness balanced out the sweetness and the dusting sugar on top was not overpowering either. I am usually not a big fan of raspberries or raspberry flavours, but overall, I really enjoyed the light, spongy cake with the refreshing raspberries. Image

The 提拉米酥蛋糕 (Tiramisu Cake) was actually more of a disappointment. The traditional dessert is supposed to be layered, with the cake soaked and lady fingers embedded throughout. First, there was no lady fingers present at all. Second, the coffee flavoured cake was not soaked. Third, it was cake on the bottom and a mascarpone cream on top with a dusting of cocoa powder – where are the many layers that is supposed to give the dessert is balanced complexity? The cake was what was expected from an Asian bakery. The coffee flavour was extremely light, and the cake was soft and airy. It was fresh, no doubt, but just a regular, hardly sweetened cake. The mascarpone cream, when it comes in the size of half of a regular bomb cake, is a bit hard to swallow. Layering it would make such a big bite not required so that the cake can be enjoyed slowly. This version, however, required a big bite to include enough cake on the bottom and not make it overly creamy. The chocolate garnish on top was the same one so it tasted good. However, I prefer the more traditional espresso bean. I guess coming from an Asian bakery, this is as close as it is going to get with a real tiramisu. The shape is unique, which is good, but I would have liked stronger coffee and mascarpone cheese flavours with a soggier cake. Oh, and add some lady fingers please!

We were also going to get six macarons, but the lady working there was really slow-witted. She did not seem to understand what ‘one of each flavour’ meant and it took forever for her to even get the right flavours. When we asked her what the flavours were as there were no labels present, she said a few, guessed one, and said the others won’t taste bad regardless. As she took them out, some got crushed and I was not going to be satisfied with broken shells, no thanks. What made up my mind to not get them was that they were not even made by T&T. Instead, they were bought from somewhere. Without knowing where and what flavours, I was not about to dish out $6.99 for six of these mini confectioneries. I think I will stick with the extremely light cakes and the various buns from now on. 

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