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Asia-Inspired ‘Healthy Fast Food’ – McDonald’s

on May 20, 2012

ImageMay 19, 2012
McDonald’s, Burnaby BC
Cashew Teriyaki Salad
Spicy Thai Chicken Salad

Finally, I got to try the new salad at McDonald’s with Mom! We both love how they are embracing Asian flavours since it surely matches the tastes of people in Vancouver. Their salads have generally improved in quality, too, which makes it more acceptable to pay $6.99 I believe for each salad. After all, it is more expensive than any sandwich they have.

The Cashew Teriyaki Salad, ordered with grilled chicken rather than the crispy chicken, is actually quite a nice salad. The grilled chicken is actually extremely tender and cooked perfectly so that it is not overdone but still thoroughly cooked. The teriyaki sauce slathered on top was a decent sauce. It was not overly watery like some and had a nice, refreshing teriyaki flavour. I could use a sauce that was a little stronger though. It came with the Asian sesame dressing, which works nicely with the teriyaki to flavour the vegetables. I do wish they gave some extra teriyaki sauce as dressing though. The vegetables were fresh, and the edamame and cashew nuts were a nice addition. I am not sure why the cashews were necessary for a Japanese flavour. It certainly is not out of place, but I do not think ‘Japan’ when I see cashews. Perhaps they could have added some shredded seaweed to make it more ‘authentic’?

ImageLast time I tried the Spicy Thai Salad without realizing the spicy part is the sauce that comes with the chicken so I did not get any spiciness to my meal. This time, I was sure to order exactly the Spicy Thai Chicken Salad, also ordered with grilled chicken. In addition to the Asian sesame dressing that was on both of the Asian salads, there was a spicy Thai sauce glaze on the chicken. It was just a regular spicy, sweet, and sour Thai sauce with some chilli flakes. It was not anything special but it tasted decent. With the tender chicken, it tasted nice. Again, I wish there was some extra sauce to flavour the vegetables with rather than the Asian sesame dressing. I am also not sure how whole wheat crisps signify ‘Thai.’ Instead, I would have liked some crunchy noodles, or maybe some peanuts and a slice of lime. That would be much more ‘Thai’ for me.

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2 responses to “Asia-Inspired ‘Healthy Fast Food’ – McDonald’s

  1. I noticed that MacDonalds tries to include in his menus also traditional food. In Hungary they have also something like Gulas, for example.

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