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A Little Burst of Sunshine – Faubourg

on May 22, 2012

ImageMay 22, 2012
Faubourg, Vancouver BC
Cappuccino Macaron
Raspberry Rose Macaron
Pistachio Macaron
Cassis Macaron
Mango Lime Macaron


I have been wanting to give Faubourg a try for quite a while. Conveniently, it is located on my way to and from UBC so I just need to hop off the bus and hop back on, whereas many of the more upscale bakeries offering macarons and other goodies are in or near downtown Vancouver. I fell in love with macarons after trying them out, despite the fact the first few I ever ate had horrible texture. I love anything sugary and sweet, though, so I was willing to give them one more chance and Sugar Philly really sealed the deal. I was content with a few others and not so much with some. Now, it is Faubourg’s turn.

They had thirteen flavours and I picked five, thinking thirteen is way too many for one day. First on the plate is the Cappuccino Macaron. The Espresso flavoured ganache has very strong and lovely coffee flavour. I love that nice coffee aroma in almost every kind of dessert and was pleased to find it was not faint at all. I was also quite appreciated the two different coloured shells of the off-white and light tan. It certainly reminds me of a cappuccino with the foam on top! The texture was not good on this macaron, though. The outside of the shell was delicate and crisp but the inside had started to shrink and harden. The filling kept it moist enough to chew but I would bet it was not freshly made.

Next, the Raspberry Rose Macaron was the second best of the five. The lovely and bright pink is so pleasant to look at. Just seeing that colour makes me smile! The flavour was again very distinct. The raspberry and the rose were both present and in a decent amount. I do not like it when the flavours are too faint. The ganache is very much preferred to a buttercream filling, as the latter can get quite ‘oily.’ This macaron had a perfect texture: crisp and delicate shells with soft and moist centres filled with smooth ganache filling. It was definitely a bite to brighten up any day!Image

The Pistachio Macaron was the most disappointing. I first saw it in the display window the first time I walked by on my way to Moore’s Bakery. The pretty green colour may seem gross to some but I love any rich, bright shade. The black sesame on the shell gave it a nice, sesame aroma. The flavour for this macaron was quite horrible, though. It tasted very strongly of artificial pistachio flavouring, kind of like artificial almond flavouring. I have not had many pistachio desserts so I have never come across an almost pure artificial pistachio flavour but this totally turned me off. Adding to that, the macaron was extremely hard. It was not just hardening, it was hard. The shell was more like a crumbly cookie texture and very sticky to chew, almost glueing my teeth together.

The Cassis Macaron had a similar texture. It was not as hard, but very gummy. The shell on this was very thick so that might have helped prevent it from hardening. What saved this macaron is the cassis or black currant ganache. The flavour was fabulous, texture aside. It was distinct and fruity, perfect for a nice summer day. The rich purple shade was also very visually appealing.

Finally, making up for all the negatives in the other macarons, the Mango Lime Macaron was my absolute favourite of the day and tops my list of favourite macarons ever. Let’s start with that bright, sunny yellow decorated with clear green sugar sprinkles. It just looks so refreshing – definitely a little burst of sunshine! As I bit into it, I could tell from the way the outer shell crumbled that it was freshly made and the inside was as it should be – soft and moist and slightly chewy. This one had the perfect texture. The mango and lime ganache on the inside was incredibly sweet with the right amount of tart to give it a very refreshing taste. Mango and lime always works on any dessert. Combined, they taste even better.

Overall, I was not pleased with the texture of the macarons as three of the five had serious shell issues. However, besides the pistachio one, the flavours were magnificent. That alone will make me go back and try some of their other flavours. However, at $1.79 plus tax a piece, they are very expensive for a treat the size of a loonie. They definitely need to step up their consistency and make fresh macarons every day. Perhaps instead of ensuring the availability of all thirteen flavours, a few less flavours with each one the perfect texture might be better.

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