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Comforting Classic Chicken Noodle – Tim Hortons

on May 28, 2012

ImageMay 28, 2012
Tim Hortons, Richmond BC
Chicken Noodle Soup

Not feeling up to cafeteria food, I decided to go and enjoy a bowl of hot soup at Tim Hortons on this slightly chilly day. The Tim Hortons at Richmond Centre was super busy even at 2pm and most people seemed to be getting a late lunch. Despite all the customers and long lines, at least I know the food will be fresh. I was tempted to get a soup, donut, and drink combo as the new S’mores Donut looked very tempting but I was not in the mood for a hot drink. Perhaps next time, I will just get the donut.

The Chicken Noodle Soup came with a fresh oven-baked roll. I love how they have ceramic bowls and even the silverware made it seem like it was not fast food. The soup was warm and I was actually quite pleased with it. Not necessarily low in sodium, it was at least low in fat. The soup was not too oily either, which made it easy to drink. The chicken broth was nice although I did not get much chicken, only a few very tiny pieces. I did, however, get a lot of round carrot slices much to my delight. I did not expect the pasta to be al dente – it is a soup after all – and it was not. I was glad, though, that each rounded piece of bow tie pasta was still intact. The red pepper and onion bits was not very obvious in the taste. The soup roll was also nice even though it was not warm. The crust was slightly hardened and chewy and the inside was extremely soft. Overall, I though the meal was quite delicious for a fast food standard. It makes for an affordable, quick lunch on a chilly day so I will definitely go back since cafeteria food is extremely boring and expensive. 

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