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Convenient Store Turns Exotic – 7-Eleven

on May 28, 2012

ImageMay 27, 2012
7-Eleven, Richmond BC
Blueberry Tea Latté

I had a coupon that expires tomorrow so I decided it was time to use it and claim a large hot drink from 7-Eleven. They have pretty much turned into a fast food convenience store, with a variety of freshly prepared foods throughout the day. Coffee, tea, hot dogs, pizza, and nachos are among the least surprising. Slurpees are an old favourite. What is slightly more peculiar are their donuts, muffins, and other baked breakfast goods, as well as cappuccinos, lattes, and iced coffee of various flavours. I would not be surprised if they churned out grilled paninis and salads soon, like Wawa’s on the east coast in the US. They already offer breakfast sandwiches, taquitos, and creations like their Maple Pancake Sausage.

Back to the coupon, though, and their hot beverages. Thinking tea bags are too boring and perhaps Mommy does not want their new French Vanilla Cappuccino, which I actually want to try, I opted for the Blueberry Tea Latté. It was actually a lot better than I had expected. The blueberry flavour, although tasting like an artificially flavoured syrup, was strong and pleasant in my opinion. There was enough steamed milk in the latte so that it was not just milk but still rich and creamy enough that it did not taste very watery. I actually love almost any sort of sweetened, milky beverage. It honestly tasted like just blueberry milk tea, which I guess is what it is, and I was so tempted to pour a cup of tapioca pearls into it to make it bubble tea. It would actually make a very decent bubble tea for what it was.

After doing a little more research, I realized 7-Eleven offers a large variety of hot drinks. I would actually love to try Crème Brulee, Cinnamon Cookie, and Cookies & Cream Cappuccinos. The Bananas Foster one sounds exotic as well. Who knows, they may even have other flavours of tea lattes. At $1.99 for a large, I may not actually try it as there are so many other beverage options I have yet to explore. However, at least now I know they have some interesting beverages if there ever comes a time I am desperate for a cup of hot drink that I can get close to home.


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