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Strawberry for Spring – McDonald’s

on May 28, 2012

ImageMay 28, 2012
McDonald’s, Richmond BC
Baked Strawberry Pie

My 100th post! Anyways, I have been waiting so long for this and was decently surprised when Mom brought it home after work. With both of us being fans of McDonald’s pies, this was not to be missed. I wonder why McDonald’s is not advertising this at all. It is on their website and it is a special flavour, unless they are planning to have it for a long time. Even then, shouldn’t they publicize it a bit more so that people know it is available?Image

The Baked Strawberry Pie is like the apple version so it is technically a turnover and not a pie. As usual, I am glad it is baked and not fried. The warm treat was quite a lovely addition to my afternoon. The pastry shell was crumbly and not too sweet with a slight buttery taste. It was not over baked and too black around the edges, which sometimes could happen with the consistency of McDonald’s. The strawberry preserve filling had a very artificial flavour to it. However, it was a good balance of sweetness and tartness. It was a light preserve and was not very dense or thick. There were some pieces of strawberries in it but it would be nice to have less artificial flavour. I am still glad, though, that the size was not too small and it tasted like it was freshly baked, unlike the cherry one I had in Philly a while ago. I think the strawberry beats the cherry any day, but I am not so sure if it is better than the apple. Regardless, it is still a nice change. 


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