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Chinese Garlic Bread – 大统华面包坊-T&T Bakery

on June 1, 2012

ImageMay 31, 2012
大统华面包坊 – T&T Bakery, Richmond BC
香蒜芝士软法 (Garlic Cheese Bun)

T&T Bakery gets the award for prettiest garlic bread loaf I have ever seen. It really does look appetizing. They not only make great quality Chinese buns and pastries at very affordable prices, they also make larger items like bread loaves, sliced breads, and large cakes. The bakery section is right by the entrance and is a must see for me each time. It is my favourite part of the entire store just because the aroma of freshly baked breads and cookies and other delectable treats fill the air while I get to look at all their neatly arranged, wide array of baked goodies, hoping to find something I have never tried before.

This particular 香蒜芝士软法 (Garlic Cheese Bun) is of a decent size. It is neither too small that it can only satisfy one person but not too large that there will be much left over after a meal, ensuring the bread will be fresh each time you eat it. However, I did not find the bread dough to be as good as some of their other smaller buns. T&T Bakery, in general I have noticed, tend to be slightly on the drier side with their breads recently. After only one night, much of the centre of the bread is sort of dry and although still quite soft, certainly not moist and sticky enough for my tastes. In this case, I prefer Maxim’s Bakery and H-Mart’s mini bakery’s buns instead as they stay moist, chewy, and sticky.

Despite this inconsistency in bread, though, I love the fresh garlic on top. It is very refreshing and light but with a strong garlic aroma – very much reminds me of spring! The sprinkled parmesan on top adds a nice, cheesy aroma to the bread to differentiate it from the traditional garlic and butter. The topping is certainly nice, but I could definitely use more of it on a moister baguette!

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