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Macs in the Mornin’ – Faubourg

on June 1, 2012

ImageMay 31, 2012
Faubourg, Vancouver BC
Salted Butter Caramel Macaron
Faubourg Signature Macaron
Strawberry Black Pepper Macaron

Last night, I suddenly realized that today was the last day in May and therefore, the last day Faubourg would be offering the Strawberry Black Pepper Macaron. I was clearly not being smart about passing by the shop yesterday and opting instead for Tim Hortons. At least I still had one day left, so this morning (since I would be busy after class) I got up fifteen minutes earlier to catch an earlier bus and make my trip to Faubourg in the rain. Sadly, the macarons were not freshly made and I did not expect them to be at 8 a.m. I was prepared for the gumminess of the confectioneries and therefore, was not surprised at all when none of the three were had the soft but moist centres that are standard for proper French macarons.

First flavour I had this morning was actually the Salted Butter Caramel Macaron. I love caramel and toffee and any versions or twists anyone can ever throw at me with these too. The caramel filling was sticky and sweet but the salt gave it complexity so it was not a pure, sugary sweetness. The outside of the shell was very delicate and although I am not completely opposed to the gumminess, it did not taste very delicately and properly made since it was not quite ‘fluffy.’

The next one, the Faubourg Signature Macaron, is actually a white chocolate and passion fruit ganache with toasted coconut shreds on the shell casing. I could not taste much of the white chocolate nor the passion fruit. What I did get was a sweet and tart artificial almond paste flavour. That taste, when quite strong, really turns my palate off and I was not too pleased. Furthermore, I do not like coconuts much and the shredded bits on top did not click for me in either taste or texture. Perhaps I am just not a fan of this flavour, but it was certainly not up to par with my standards of a ‘signature’ dessert.Image

Finally, what I came so early for, was the Strawberry Black Pepper Macaron. I have to say I had my doubts about this one. I mean, seriously, black pepper? On a macaron? However, the sprinkled bits they had on the shell only gave it an extra crunch, as there was only a bare spice to it. The strawberry preserve flavour was much more dominant and it tasted good for me, both sweet and tart enough. It was a very strong flavour and so was not considered ‘wimpy’ for artificial flavours.

Overall, though, I think Faubourg really needs to up their game when it comes to the consistency of the shells. Traditionally, centres should be soft with a cake-like texture instead of gummy and sticking to teeth. There should not be a gap between the outer shell and the soft inside because right now, it would seem the macarons were left out too long and the insides separated from the delicate outer shell and collapsed in on itself. Their flavours in general are good but with a better shell, they would be closer in value to the $1.79 each that they charge. 

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