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Thai Where It Shouldn’t Be – Thai House Restaurant

on June 3, 2012

ImageJune 2, 2012
Thai House Restaurant, Bellingham WA

Tom Yam Talay
Prawns a La Hua Hin
Thai House Noodles 

With gas prices rising with no end in sight, we finally found time to make a trip down to Bellingham to fill up. Along the way, of course Mom insisted on going shopping. We do not go to downtown Bellingham, so it goes without saying our lunch options were limited. It was a long time ago that we stumbled upon this little establishment. For where it is at, you could say it was a hidden gem. We first ate at Thai House Restaurant because we got addicted somewhat to Thai food with the new opening of Thai Express in Richmond Centre. The only other Thai restaurant we really like is the one in Waikiki since we are not a big fan of Thai House in Richmond. Image

Our server brought out a small appetizer salad for each of us. I am pretty sure it is just a mini version of the Thai House Salad without the tofu. The iceberg lettuce, purple cabbage, and carrots tasted quite simple but refreshing with the Thai dressing. The dressing was sweet and sour, but it was slightly thick, which made me think it has a little peanut sauce in there along with a sweet and sour Thai chili sauce. After looking at the menu again and thinking it was the complimentary version of the Thai House Salad, I guess I was right in saying it was a homemade peanut dressing. The fish bowl was cute and despite being ordinary, it was a nice start. 

Not feeling too hungry, I decided on a warm, seafood hot pot soup on this slightly chilly day, the Tom Yam Talay. It was not as spicy as I wanted so next time, I am going to get one of spice level 4/4. For mixed seafood, it came with two prawns, two mussels, two scallops and two or three pieces of squid. The mussels were quite huge and the prawns tender. I am also in love with tender scallops so those were great! I did not get a chance to try the two pieces of tomatoes but I did have a lot of the canned straw mushrooms typical in Thai and Chinese cuisine. I absolutely LOVE straw mushrooms. Actually, I am a huge fan of fungi, period. The mushrooms were so tender and chewy and they soaked up the soup flavour wonderfully. Although the soup base was not very thick and dense, the flavour was strong from the lemongrass, basil, chilli peppers, and some other spices. It was also quite sour so it definitely followed the ‘hot and sour’ description. I certainly expected it to have a deeper red colour, but the taste was fantastic!Image

Next was one of the specials of the day, the Prawns a La Hua Hin, with prawns sauteed with onions, tomatoes, pineapple, bell peppers, cashew nuts, celery, and carrots, according to the description. It came in a pretty fish plate and was quite pleasant to look at. The prawns were fabulous, quickly deep fried after being coated in what seems like a Thai peanut sauce. At least, I think it was, since it was slightly sweet but also savoury. The dish had a lot of chilli oil but it was still not too spicy. The vegetables were fresh and not overdone. However, there was not much flavour in the vegetables since they were not cooked to much. They were quite refreshing though, with the celery and peppers and onions especially. The pineapple chunks, which certainly came from a can, were somewhat scarce but had nice flavour. The prawns were definitely the highlight of the dish.Image

Finally, Dad insisted on trying spicy Thai House Noodles that did not turn out spicy at all. This was the most disappointing dish, though, because the flavour was not as good as the other dishes. The noodles were pan fried nicely that they were tender and chewy, quite al dente. The zucchini, celery, cabbage, carrots, and broccolis were lightly sauteed. The eggs were quite beaten up and mixed in and the chicken breast slices were quite tender. The peanut sauce came on the side, though, and served as the source of 95% of the flavours of the dish. Some chili pepper flakes did not give the dish some complex, intricate flavour that I would have wanted. I think the Phad Thai would be a much better option with the crushed peanuts, lime juice, and bean sprouts. Peanut sauce on noodles was simply nothing extraordinary. It was not bad, but certainly not memorable either.

Overall, though, we still had a great lunch, especially with the soup and the prawns. For me personally, I needed a lot more heat in the dishes for them to be satisfyingly spicy so maybe even a full 4/4 on the spice level would not suffice. However, I will certainly try that next time. The service was decent and the restaurant quiet with only a couple of tables. The decor was very typical of a Thai restaurant for the ones I have been to at least. Their dishes can certainly be a hit or miss but when they are good, they are really good. For a little town like Bellingham, I am just glad we have an option like this besides Olive Garden every time we go shopping. 


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