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Brazilian Blue – Blue Chip Cookies

on June 4, 2012

ImageJune 4, 2012
Blue Chip Cookies, Vancouver BC
Brazil Crunch Cookie

Known as the best cookies on the UBC campus and one of the best in town, I knew I have got to try one while I am still around campus. Every morning, I see the baristas always busy filling personal mugs with coffee and tea and other warm beverages perfect for the chilly Vancouver weather. What always intrigued me, however, were the cookies that were so famous around campus and their other baked goodies, fresh out of the oven. After class today, I finally decided it was time to stop smelling the sweetness and just get one myself.

I got the Brazil Crunch Cookie because I love white chocolate and macadamia nuts, and one online review had said this cookie was exactly that with some extra white chocolate on top. I guess I was not being logical, or rather just not using my brain, but instead of macadamia nuts, I found Brazil nuts. Big surprise. Now, I am curious as to whether the Marbelous Cookie has the evasive macadamia nuts. However, I did not mind much, as the two nuts are quite similar. Both are crunchy and more of the smooth, oily nut type. The Brazil nuts just happen to be bigger and a little like almonds on the outside. The white chocolate chips were soft on the inside and the big flat chunk on top was extremely delicious.

What disappointed me was that the cookie was not fresh out of the oven. Yes, it was baked this morning, but it had still been sitting around for a couple of hours so it was only the slightest bit warm, or rather, not cold. The outside was crunchy and had a slight, over-baked aroma. I would have preferred a softer, more chewy and gooey inside though. It was soft, but not soft enough. The cookie dough was delicious and perfectly sweetened. If only it was just taken out of the oven and the cookie was warm and soft to the point that it was almost falling apart. Next time, I will be sure to get it early in the morning.

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