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Goin’ Nuts for Korean – H-Mart

on June 4, 2012

ImageJune 3, 2012
H-Mart, Richmond BC
Peanut Butter Bread


Not only does H-Mart offer a discount on the freshly baked buns every evening, it even has larger discounts for day-old items: three for $1.99. However, it seems like the day-old breads definitely do not taste as fresh. Not that they taste incredibly stale, but the moisture and softness was just not there. It was just slightly on the dry side.

First off was the Soboru, or perhaps pineapple bun in more familiar terms. It was pretty neat to finally try a Korean pineapple bun. The sweet crust is not as sweet but it was very crumbly. The light sweetness was very addicting, actually. It does not taste very buttery or have too much flavour in general, just a light, crumbly sweetness with a very faint peanut butter-like hint. The bread on the inside was kind of dry but if it had been freshly baked, I am sure it would have been better. Also, there was no filling so it was sort of bland overall. The crust by itself, though, was good.Image

The second one I have not tried was the Peanut Butter Bread. The bread of this bun was, again, on the dry side. The peanuts on top were toasted but not very fresh tasting. They were not going bad yet, but I would have preferred some better quality nuts but at least there was a decent amount. They also did not skimp on the peanut cream on the inside as there was quite a lot. The ratio of bread to peanuts to cream was good. The cream itself was actually quite tasty. I do not usually like any type of whipped cream that tastes quite oily. This cream was saved by the peanut flavour that made the oiliness taste acceptable, slightly concealing the overwhelming richness of it. With a slight savoury but most sweet flavour, it makes the bun quite delicious, even though it is not my type of bun.Image

Despite the slight drop on quality and freshness on these two buns, both times that I have had bakery goodies from H-Mart and its Amante Bakery, I think the Korean twists on the buns are quite interesting. They are slightly different than the traditional Chinese ones I am used to. T&T Bakery’s new varieties are the reason why I love shopping there, so H-Mart is also very refreshing. The fillings are always plentiful, raising the quality of the products. 


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