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Timmy’s Brings Me Back in Time – Tim Hortons

on June 6, 2012

ImageJune 5, 2012
Tim Hortons, Richmond BC
Honey Cruller Timbit
Old Fashion Glazed Timbit


I was not quite sure what I wanted to eat today and walking into Timmy’s, I still was undecided. Not up to anything large, though, I decided to just get two itty bitty Timbits. I know, it may seem hilarious to get just two. Honestly, though, it makes no difference how many I get if it is less than ten. So, why not just two?

The Honey Cruller Timbit was awkwardly shaped. All of them were but I guess it is just because the yeast is too soft and puffy to be shaped into anything much. The taste was what I expected. It was overly sweetened with honey, almost a cloying sweetness to it. The reason is that it had nothing to contrast the honey. The yeast did not do much as it was too puffy to actually be able to balance it out. However, that is what the honey cruller is supposed to taste like. I knew that is what I wanted so I am not complaining. The glaze on it just added yet another level of sugary sweetness. It is certainly something that can be paired nicely with an ice cold, somewhat lemony soda. 

The Old Fashion Glazed Timbit reminded me of my early childhood years here in Canada. Back then, I used to either eat western food at my elementary or buy doughnuts from Superstore for lunch. I have not had an old-fashioned doughnut is such a long time that I do not even recall it actually had spices. However, my first bite into this and I was filled with nostalgia. The sweetness mixed with the cinnamon and spices inside the dense cake doughnut was absolutely delicious. The glaze added another dimension to the traditional flavour. I loved how the cake was still pretty moist and soft. This one was pretty much spherical and looked scrumptious as well. I just love how the flavour just brought me back a dozen years. 

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