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A Timmy’s Special – Tim Hortons

on June 9, 2012

June 8, 2012
Tim Hortons, Vancouver BC
Chocolate White Coconut Timbit
Dutchie Timbit



I was actually in downtown, on my way to Bonchaz Bakery Cafe when I passed the Tim Hortons in the SFU building. I remember my time there at SFUMUN and was curious to see whether they had anything special compared to the stores in Richmond. Since it would be dinner when I got home, I did not get the Minestrone or Turkey Wild Rice soups. However, the timbits did catch my eye. So, when I decided not to get cupcakes at Bonchaz without a Groupon ($3.95 each!!!), I got two timbits for a quick bite to tie me over until dinner.

First, the timbit that really caught my eye, was the Chocolate White Coconut Timbit. I never even knew Tim Hortons offered this kind of timbit. They had the full size doughnut version as well. It was actually just a chocolate cake timbit rolled in slightly glazed shredded white coconut. It really looked like a Christmas time treat with the white coconut and quite pretty! The cake was nice and moist, with a strong cocoa flavour but not too sweet. The coconut is only slightly glazed so that they will stick together and on the timbit. Without too much glaze, it was not as sweet as the regular Chocolate Glazed Timbit, which I found to be a nice change. For those looking for a lighter but still chocolate bite-sized treat, this is it. 

I have been wanting to try the Dutchie Timbit, or doughnut I guess, for a long time but the Richmond Centre store never had it. It was not as round in shape, but still like an oval and not too shabby looking. It is rather like an apple fritter, but with raisins. It has a yeast-based dough and was very soft and chewy, much to my liking. The dough itself was not very sweet, and the raisins, sadly, were chopped up very finely and quite sparse. Perhaps there will be more on the regular-sized doughnut? However, the glaze tied everything together, making it quite a sweet treat. Considering I love anything that is really sweet, this was quite tasty, especially since I was rather hungry.

I always love it when I discover something that is not part of a restaurant chain’s regular menu or something not every store will carry. These, along with limited-time promotions, really make it more interesting when I am out there looking for new foods to try. They ran out of Strawberry Timbits yesterday, as it was quite late. I should add, though, that the two I tried tasted very fresh. I guess there is something to be said about the store being in downtown where there is never a shortage of customers.

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