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Only Puffed Up Fluff – 安娜饼屋–Anna’s Cake House

on June 9, 2012

ImageJune 7, 2012
安娜饼屋 – Anna’s Cake House, Richmond BC
鲜奶油泡芙 (Cream Puff)
草莓奶油泡芙 (Strawberry Cream Puff)


After the disappointment last time, I was my about to try anything else from Anna’s Cake House again. However, my aunt bought some pastries there yesterday evening at the discounted prices and invited me to try some. Among other treats were two cream puffs. I have never liked puff pastry nor bland, oily cream so naturally, I am no fan of cream puffs. These two both looked visually appealing but once again, Anna’s Cake House has failed to please my taste buds.

The traditional 鲜奶油泡芙 (Cream Puff) was certainly quite large, comparable to those from Beard Papa’s. The pastry puff, despite being decorated nicely with dusting sugar, was light and bland. It tasted quite stale, especially after being refrigerated for a while, which probably caused the pastry to harden up a bit. I could not taste the slight fluffiness whatsoever. The cream filling was plateful towards the centre of the dessert but lacking on the edges. I was glad it was not too oily or extremely bland, though it was nothing special either. It was lightly sweetened, typical of an Asian bakery.
The 草莓奶油泡芙 (Strawberry Cream Puff) had the same kind of shell except that it was elongated rather than round. The filling was the cream with pieces of strawberries blended in. The strawberry flavor had seeped into the cream so I am guessing that is why the cream also tasted like strawberries. The fruit was plentiful, which was a little surprising but nice, and certainly made the treat less bland. Fresh strawberries are in season right now so they gave the otherwise boring treat a slightly refreshing makeover. 

All in all, I still think Anna’s Cake House is definitely lacking in quality despite having multiple locations in Greater Vancouver. To operate such a business in Richmond where very high quality Asian bakeries are plentiful requires top notch products at affordable prices and this bakery is just bot up to par with the others in the vicinity. In my opinion, they have managed to stay open for this long because they offer discounts early so that customers can buy buns for dinner on that same day. Regardless, I prefer a higher quality any day so it is safe to say I will not be going there anytime soon. 

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